Herbal toothpaste, Apeiron

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Herbal toothpaste
natural care
with 24 ayurvedic plant extracts

Perfectly cared for teeth - long-lasting freshness.

Auromère® herbal toothpaste is a composition of 24 valuable Ayurvedic plant extracts. Fine cleaning particles gently clean the teeth and gently remove harmful plaque. Extracts of the neem tree, clove oil and liquorice counteract plaque and caries-causing bacteria. Chinese date, yellowwood, rose apple and baleria strengthen and soothe the gums. Thyme, mint and Ceylon cinnamon provide the very pleasant and unique taste.

Brand: Apeiron

Barcode: 4251191898006
Internal Reference: Art.9800

Toothpaste with 24 ayurvedic herbal extracts.
Free of tensides or added fluorides.
This toothpaste is very mild - so it's suitable for children.
A similar, mint-free option is available in our shop too.

Content: 75ml