Company History

  • 1985 Modest Beginnings

The beginnings were very modest. Everything actually begins with Lucien Reger an educated electrician who was mainly repairing washing machines. He soon finds that the main cause behind the damage were aggressive detergents. Since he’s always been interested in nature friendly products he begins to inform himself on the subject.

The flow of information wasn’t as it is today and so it began with an article on organic detergents in the german magazine “Der Stern”, in which an eco guide was recommended. Three german organic manufacturers were presented which caught his attention and he decides to write them immediately. One of them got back to him and this was Jürgen Hack, the managing director of the company called “Sodasan”.

A short time after the first order of 300kg of detergent was delivered at his private home. With the agreement of his employer he is able to recommend and sell the product to his clients as an alternative to conventional detergent. With the profit he got out of it he ordered the next load and this time it was 400kg. The first two years this was nothing but a hobby.

  • 1987: Slow development

The turning point comes with the first Organic Fair in Luxembourg City in 1987.

Since it was fairly expensive to book a stand, he made a deal with his boss to share one. The boss was presenting the AEG’s first eco friendly LAVAMAT washing machine on one side, Lucien his eco friendly washing detergent on the other side. It was a huge success and so he was confident that the way he was choosing was the right one.

With a visit at the Frankfurt Organic Trade Fair in 1988, he established further relationships with other manufacturers such as OSHADHI and RHASSOUL and his business idea was further developed. At the beginning of the 90’s he begins to offer organic and fair trade clothes, mainly from the American company ECOSPORT and later on from the German company COTTON COUNTRY. By that time, he had a wholesale distribution business for many, still independent organic shops in Luxembourg.

  • 1989: First Organic Store

However, since the income wasn’t enough to survive, he and his wife Eliane who was still working as a nurse opened their first small organic shop in Dalheim in 1989 named “Biobuttek Pimpampel”. In 1990 when their daughter Bettie was born, Lucien quit his full time job to dedicate his time to the family. The wholesale and organic store developed further and since “organic and fair trade” wasn’t that popular at the time, the income still wasn’t enough.

When in 1992 and 1995 their two sons Pit and Tom were born, Eliane nevertheless decides to quit her full time job as a nurse as well to become a stay at home mom.

By that time there was no going back and they made the organic business their main activity.

  • 1997: Luxembourg City

As the majority of the population still wasn’t interested in organic fair trade products, it was quite difficult to get the information out. Flyers and leaflets were printed but still no success in sight. The weekly market wasn’t a hit either, so the only way to develop the business idea was to have a store. In 1997 Lucien and his sister Christiane opened the first store downtown called “Pimpampel Naturkleeder”. At that time this spot was already well known to be the district for organic and eco friendly businesses.

  • 2006: Expansion

Until 1998 only one bed with mattress were exposed at the store at the Sigismond Street in Bonnevoie. The desire for a bigger exhibition space grew and so construction work was done. But soon after, that space still wasn’t enough and so the search for a bigger location began.

  • 2009: New Location, new Name

In 2009 they moved everything from the old location to the new one at the Auguste Charles Street in Bonnevoie. The name “Pimpampel” was confusing to people as they thought it would only be a kids and baby store, so he changed it into “Naturwelten, Bio&Fair”. It’s very important for them to have a certain continuity with their staff as well as their business partners, which over the years have become friends. The family structures in the organic industry is the main factor contributing to this ambiente.

  • 2016: Web-shop and Second Store

Lucien never gave up on his dream and believed in the success of organic bedding, furniture and fabrics in the long run. This industry is now established the same way the organic food industry was twenty years ago. With an increasing demand there is still potential of development and that was the root of the decision to open a second store in the railway station district and a web-shop. We are sure there will be more surprises coming our way and that we’ll never get bored.

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